Make an adventurous mountaineering Uganda safari tour to Mountain Rwenzori situated in south western Uganda in Kasese district, on the Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo boarder. Mountain Rwenzori, is also known as “Mountain of the Moon”. It got this designation from an astronomer, mathematician and geographer; Ptolemy.

Mountain Rwenzori consumes 6 peaks, including its uppermost peak is Margherita with approximately 5,109 meters above sea level making it the 3rd highest peak in Africa after Mountain Kilimanjaro (5,895meters) in Tanzania and Mountain Kenya (5,199meters) situated in Kenya. Other peaks include; Mountain Speke (4890meters), Mountain Baker (4843meters), Mountain Emin (4,798meters), Mountain Gessi (4,715meters) and Mountain Luigi di Savoia (4627meters). All these 6 peaks can be reached through a Uganda hiking safari via the central circuit trail or the Kilembe trail.

By road

On your Uganda safari to Mountain Rwenzori is accessible using two routes major safari routes; The Kampala – Mubende – Fort portal-Kasese road is about 300 kilo meters taking a drive of about 4-6 hours.

The other route to use to Mountain Rwenzori from Kampala is the Kampala – Masaka – Bushenyi – Kasese road that is roughly 350 kilo meters. While driving, it takes about about 6-7 hours. From Kasese town, it is about 25 kilo meters and 17 kilo meters from Nyakalengija.

Tourists who are not using a Uganda tour company or self-drive car hire rental Uganda, they have an option of using public means of transport. Public transport is accessible in various taxi and bus parks located in different towns like Kampala, Mbarara, Kasese, Bushenyi, Mubende and Fort portal.

By air

Tourists who prefer air transport, by air, charter flights can be arranged at the Entebbe’s modern International Airport which is about 40km from Kampala. Charter flights to Kasese airstrip are organized by companies like Aero link. According to the Aero link daily services, it takes about 2 and a half hours to Kasese Airstrip. The visitor is thereafter is driven a short journey to Mountain Rwenzori.

The best time to visit Mountain Rwenzori Uganda

Uganda mountain climbing safaris on Mountain Rwenzori are exciting throughout the year. The mountain pleasurably has warm agreeable climate. During day the temperatures are average and cold during the night. On Rwenzori mountains, rain is expected any time.

The Rwenzori mountains normally have a short dry season; June – August and December – February. However, tourists that make safaris to Uganda during the dry season, find it the best time to go hiking on mountain Rwenzori because trekkers that climb during the wet season, find the path trails wet and slippery making it hard for the hiking.



How to get to Mountain Rwenzori Uganda- Hiking safaris Uganda
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