Six-Year-Old Briton Ashleen Becomes the Youngest Girl to Summit Mount Kilimanjaro

Its old English saying that says “never judge a book by its cover”, I have found this saying more befitting for today’s story given its one that’s inspired by someone beating all odds to achieve something momentous that isn’t easily .  In the world of hikers, hiking Kilimanjaro is no joke given that this hike takes you from less than 1500ft above sea level to over 19340ft in less than a week, this is so mean feet because at this height you’re at Africa highest point getting to this point by no means a thing you would easily to any six-year-old child to do unless you’re dealing with a kid that’s so passionate want to put their young adrenaline energies to test with this cruel but awesome experience.

Ashleen Mandrick a six-year girl from West Sussex UK, I have no doubt that has perfectly cement the fact not all “men” are created  equal as some are created destined for greatness than  because you don’t  need to be a fortune teller after reading this story to know that

Ashleen Mandrick inspired by a family hiking trip after skiing in the Alps earlier this year, she also wanted to take on a bigger hiking challenge and Kilimanjaro was an obvious choice given she was also motivated by the desire to be at the top of her mummy’s continent since her mother grew up from Africa.

All good things come at a cost

Organizing for Ashleen’s hike was no easy tusk given the fact that the Tanzanian authorities don’t permit anyone below the age of 10 to ascend this freestanding mountain hence it required Victoria Mandrick- Ashleen’s mother to acquire a special permit for Ashleen to be allowed to ascend the mountain.

The road to the top

Ashleen together with her brother Nicolas aged 11 and mother victoria 45 a medical doctor began their conquest of the Kilimanjaro mountain on the 24th September 2019 following the Machame route and their ascent to the top took only 6 days. Ashleen was so intrigued by the hike because she loved the attention and the whole adventure: the rocky parts; the atmosphere – chatting and singing with the guides and porters all the way to the summit; dancing in the camps; meeting other climbers; ‘helping’ the cook prepare dinner in the evenings; the flora and fauna – she had a little book about local vegetation where she was checking out the plants she encountered. She was also very happy to stand on top of ‘mummy’s continent’.” Said Ms Victoria

Upon successful completion Ashleen was so pleased with her accomplishment in that she decided to go back for a second round and this time around they used the Umbwe route, considered the ‘hardest and steepest trail’, Victoria said, adding: “According to information given to us at registration at Kilimanjaro National Park, no child under 12 (or even a bit older) has ever attempted it.” Ashleen’s brother Nicholas, 11, accompanied her on both occasions and again on October 12, becoming the youngest person to reach the summit 2 times in a two-week period.

What next for this climbing protégée?

After returning, Ashleen said ‘It was amazing to make two climbs. It was the best thing I have ever done.” After successful overcoming Kilimanjaro, Ashleen has her sights set on being able to ascend the tallest mountain on the planet mountain Everest someday.

What else can you do in Tanzania besides mountain climbing?

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Mountain climbing in Uganda

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Hiking in Uganda

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Six-Year-Old Briton Ashleen Becomes the Youngest Girl to Summit Mount Kilimanjaro-Tanzania Safari News
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