Mountain hiking

A hiking safari Uganda to the Rwenzori Mountain is an exciting and rewarding travel experience for tourists on Uganda safaris. This hiking experience needs adequate preparation and fitness as well. The conditions on the mountain are somehow challenging to even an experienced hiker.

Hiking to the top while using the central hike circuit, normally takes hikers 6 nights or 7 days to reach an altitude of 4,267m above sea level. When on a mountaineering safari in Uganda on Mountain Rwenzori, visitors spend nights in various huts built along the hiking journey. They are well maintained for visitors’ comfort. During the hike, visitors are advised to have porters to help them with luggage that you’re moving with.

There are different starting points to the different trails visitors normally take as they hike. They include; Nyakalengija circuit and Kilembe trail which are located near Kasese town while the Kazingo (nature walk trailhead) is found near Fort portal town.

For those not interested in the entire hike to the top, you can carry on a 3 days hike in the lower foothills of the mountains that take you through beautiful scenery and birding spots.

Hiking is done at the most significant feature in Mountain Rwenzori National park, Mt. Rwenzori. It can be done on all the glaciers on the mountain. The easiest to hike is Mount Speke which requires less hiking experience. Most difficult to hike is Mount Stanley and Baker.

Nature walks/birding

Mountain Rwenzori is one of the best birding spots in Uganda has. Being home to some Albertine rift endemics, this makes the mountain a special birding spot suitable for Uganda birding safaris. The mountain ranges have got a varied vegetation cover which enables different bird species to inhabit the forest as their home. Birds that are occasionally seen in the mountain are the Rwenzori turraco, long eared owl, bearded vultures and swifts.

Nature walks can also be done with in the park, around Ruboni just outside the park, along river Mubuku, in the forest at Nyabitaba, take a walk through the trail to Lake Mahooma and Buraro Forest inside the park.

Cultural encounters

Uganda cultural safaris to Mountain Rwenzori National park, involves getting exposed to the Bakonzo community who live on the slopes of the mountain. Encountering with them enables tourists visit traditional healers, blacksmith, basket weavers and also watching the Bakonzo do their traditional dance.

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Uganda safari activities in Mountain Rwenzori National Park, Uganda
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